February 22, 2018

Kia unveils special edition Stinger

January 22, 2018 Alan Zurvas 0

An enhanced 2.0L Stinger has been created to celebrate the Australian Open of which Kia is a major sponsor. Outside, there are unique 19” wheels, body decals, and a limited edition badge. The interior receives […]

Bitchslap GoPro and UPS

June 29, 2017 Alan Zurvas 0

A picture tells a thousand words. In an era where packaging and consuming are discouraged, have a look at this GoPro frame weighing only  few grams in a box 50 times the size, full of […]

What Cheeses Me Off: Roundabouts

June 18, 2017 Alan Zurvas 0

What cheeses me off: roundabouts Drivers in Sydney seem to be less away of surrounding than they used to be. Maybe they just don’t give a rat’s patootie? The ting that catches them out every […]

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