June 25, 2019

Plenty of love for 2017 MINI Countryman

Plenty of love for 2017 MINI Countryman

MINI’s have always been fun, now there’s a practical one?

Zoom back to the 1960’s and the MINI was just as big (a word not often used in the same sentence as ‘MINI’) a revolution in the car world, and society in general, as any car that came before it.

Yes, we have it on the same lofty perch as the Ford Model T and the Volkswagen Beetle.

Built on a platform with the engine, transmission and drive all up front, the classic MINI was offered in an array of different body styles ranging from the classic two-door shape to wagons and utes!

But the thing was the MINI was always….mini.

Fast forward to early 2017 and MINI finally now has a vehicle that can zip around corners, provide the fun and personality of the coloured dashboard and interior lights, but also be used for the school run.

Plenty of love for 2017 MINI Countryman
MINI Countryman, where fun meets practicality?

We are of course talking about the new MINI Countryman, an offering launched recently into Australia.

And it’s won some pretty big praise since that launch with our colleagues over at behindthewheel.com.au even mentioning it as a potential 2017 Car of the Year!

We look forward to having a drive ourselves, in the meantime, the Countryman has won applause for its roomy interior (it shares the same platform as the BMW X1), generously-sized boot and on-road manners.

While the turbo-diesel engine in the top-spec model looks to be a real hoot!

Producing 400Nm at just 1,750rpm and with all-wheel drive – we can’t wait to give it a spin.

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