April 23, 2019

Toll Account Rip Off and how to avoid it

Toll Account Rip Off and how to avoid it

Did you know if you tag doesn’t beep, you get a notice in the mail.

That’s not such a big thing, or is it? There is an administrative fee which varies between states.

You can set up a temporary account but does that mean you won’t be getting half of the South American forest shoved in your mail hole? No sir it does not.

On a recent trip to Queensland, the tag had been left behind in Sydney so I set up a temporary account which I assumed worked the same way as tags too.

I thought I had been terribly clever. So chuffed was I, that I used toll roads with gay abandon. I thought I was covered, sadly no, I was in fact not covered.

Whereas tags work regardless of the company who owns the road you’re using, the temporary accounts do not.

Crazy isn’t it? And If I didn’t know that I’ll bet others don’t know it either.

So let’s say you drive through 5 different tolls owned by 3 different private companies, you would need 3 different temporary accounts, and they refuse to entertain an idea that you already have an account.

In my case, I dutifully set up an account each time I collected a new car, because there doesn’t seem to be a way to alter the registration.

Because state governments are misusing our Australian dollar in road taxes, they need private businesses to run roads on their behalf.

Such is the level of ongoing incompetence that road users are not made aware that each operator needs its own temporary account.

You will get the spanking of your life if you fail to understand that which he not been explained to you.

The method of cross checking permanent accounts does not apply to temporary accounts because the private businesses are as incompetent as the dopey governments who allow this robbery in the first place.

Remember, many of these private operators have gone broke because drivers object to paying to build roads, then paying again to use them just so a shareholder can buy a bottle of Grange for a politician.

I don’t blame them one little bit.

The story takes a sad turn when the $4.13 fee to cross the shiny new Gateway Bridges has a $22.73 fee for the private business to process your toll, even though you think you have done the right thing.

And, there is no escaping it. If you don’t pay they simply ask the courts to fine you and the toll suddenly becomes $140.

There is a dual-edged moral to this story: Governments should explain that the complex toll issues have done you like the Christmas dinner.

And, the private businesses who charge us for driving on roads we paid to build need to explain that we have to bend over each time we use our own roads.

If we fail to bend over we will have to pay.

Normally if we bend over, it is we who are paid surely?

Beware! This system is broken, if not corrupt. It seems to me these details have purposely been withheld so innocent, unsuspecting, law abiding motorists are forced to bend over and take it up the clacker!

Perhaps we should rise up!

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