June 25, 2019

What cheeses me off: Merging

What cheeses me off: Merging

Some drivers seem unable to merge. Of course it is a brilliant idea to slow to a stop when merging on a highway.

Of course it’s a great idea to get one car ahead when two lanes become one.

No, neither of those things are good.

When Merging: speed up to the limit at when entering a freeway. When to lanes become one, use the zipper method: one car from each lane.

Contrary to popular belief, being a car length in front will not get you home any faster.

On the subject of changing lanes: only change a single lane at a time.

Do not sweep majestically across 3 lanes and expect to do it safely.

You can’t legislate common sense. If there are line markings, give way to the right. I

f there are none, give way to the car in front. That’s the law. Do not stop.

Here’s what Queensland has to say about giving way.

They’ve also produced this awesome video.

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